Autumn in Bloom

Autumn in bloom.

Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Especially when it’s that time of year when vegetation is dying, leaves are falling from their branches, the days are getting shorter, and the temperature is dropping. Autumn and everything it entails, pretty much, is the opposite of “blooming”.

Look who’s getting cozy.

Alas, Fall is our favorite time of the year. It brings forth cozy times to come. Cozy time in front of the fire. Cozy time in your comfiest sweater and woolly socks. Cozy time on the couch with a mug of steaming hot cider resting on your lap. Aaahhhh… so nice!


(RECORD SCRATCH!!) O.K. I know. We live in San Diego… woolly socks, hot cider, and cozy time in front of a fire seems a bit dramatic, right?! Well, if you know Lorelei, dramatic is a way of life. (hee hee)

Jon and I love Autumn so much, we got married in the Fall, 2015.


We just celebrated our 2 year anniversary. I, Lorelei, attempted to bake a 2 layered, chocolate frosted, yellow cake. Much to my dismay, the layers slid off each other and avalanched into a sloppy pool of frosting. Fortunately, Jon got a kick out of it and took a bunch of photos while snortling at the pitiful pastry.

Cake Fail!!! But, still oh so scrumptious.

What else is fabulous about Autumn? Halloween!!!!! Who doesn’t love Halloween?! (except, Jon…) It’s just so much fun and being a big fan of dressing up, spirits, and darkness… well, this holiday was practically made for strangelings like myself. Although Jon isn’t as into Halloween as I am, he makes sure I get my fill of giving treats to kids in our neighborhood by standing at the top of the scary staircase leading up to our house and waving kids down while yelling, “Hey, don’t skip us! We’ve got candy!!” He’s a sweetie.

Cosmo is always ready for Halloween.

Even though a lot of Halloween has come to be about scary movies, gore, and violent deaths, I prefer to focus on the “spirit-death-remembrance-appreciation of life” aspect of it. I like to think of Halloween as a time to ponder the cycle of birth and death, remember loved ones who have passed, as well as “mingle” with the spirits that may be visiting for the one night of Hallow’s Eve. Pretty much what Halloween was about originally.

Lorelei, la Bruja Calavera.

Our most favorite thing about Autumn are the change in colors and cooler temperatures. Although San Diego Fall is no where as impressive as Fall in the east coast, we can appreciate it still, by going up to the Laguna Mountains and wandering in the wonder of beautiful nature. Here are some shots from our magical hike:

The View. A majestic mountain top framed by black twigs and cotton candy clouds.
Sunset Beauty
The Living Room
The Bedroom
The Porch
The Garden
The Yard and Guests

Here is an excerpt of a lovely autumn poem by Grace Paley


What is sometimes called a   
   tongue of flame 
or an arm extended burning   
   is only the long 
red and orange branch of   
   a green maple 
in early September   reaching 
   into the greenest field 
out of the green woods   at the 
   edge of which the birch trees   
appear a little tattered   tired 
   of sustaining delicacy 
all through the hot summer…
Finally, please enjoy this delightful medley of Garner melodies.
Have a lovely Fall and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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  1. Nicely written and pretty pictures. Nice sweet music. You’re doing great together. Thanks for sharing your art.

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