What’s Happenin’

House Concert @ the Bertino’s, July 17, 2017

Teresa and Jeff Bertino possess huge hearts and deep, deep love for music and art. They have hosted concerts for traveling and local artists in the folk, bluegrass, and jazz realm for many years now, and so far, the concerts have been enriching and a blast to attend. Most of the time, these concerts are followed by glorious sessions of jamming and howling at the moon. Oh, not to mention the bounty of eats and libation provided by host and guests, via good ‘ol fashion potluck style. Yumm!

Jon and I could not help but feel so loved and appreciated by Jeff, Teresa, and their guests. This generous couple decked out the stage with festive lights, a no-messing-around sound system, and ample room for guests to sit back and enjoy the show. It was so idyllic that during a couple of our songs, I’d sporadically wonder if we were in a dream. Cheesy, ok. But, not a lie!

Thank you, a thousand times, to our friends, guests, and the Bertinos for a splendid soiree of music and camaraderie.